Tuesday, 29 March 2016

March Birchbox | Becky W

So this is my last box of my 3 month subscription to Birchbox and i was pleasantly surprised with what i received. This months theme was a beauty related word search to related to the fact Birchbox helps you find new beauty products each month and the box was decorated with a beauty word search that you could fill in.

Regenerate ToothPaste - £10
I don't  really have much to say about this product only that it honestly felt like any other tooth paste and i didn't feel a difference so i will stick to good old Colgate :P

Amika Hair Mask - £19.99
I only got once use out of this sample as i have quite long hair and i found this product to be very creamy and thick and gave my hair a soft finish.  I do really love the packaging of this product with the colours and patterns they have used its very eye catching and pretty. But the only thing is the price is bit expensive for what you get.

ModelCo More Brows - £13
I have never used anything quite like this product i thought it was going to be a standard brow gel but when i used it, it made my brows thicker and more bold. At first i put way too much on and over did it, but on seconded attempt i only used a little to achieve the look i want. This product is perfect for people with sparse and thin eyebrows that want to go a bit bolder.  It has a very small brush so its easy to apply on brows and the packing kinda reminds me of Benefit. Over all i really liked this product.

Polaar Night Cream - £32
This product felt really nice to use and made my skin feel really soft to touch. There was no over powering smell which is a bonus. I didn't find anything amazing with the product it just felt like a normal moisturiser so the price i think is a little bit too pricey for what you get.

Hydraluron Face Mask - £19.99
I defiantly don't moisturise enough in my life so this product is perfect for me and i absolutely love sheet face mask. I find them soo much easier to use and less mess to deal with. This mask felt really nice to use and felt relaxing. My skin felt very smooth and soft after use.

Arrow Boost Lip Balm - £11
This lip balms claims to change colour when applied on lips and I found it did make my lips a tad pink but wasn't anything too special. The product it self was very nice and softened my lips and was a life saver this month as my lips where very dry and needed some love.

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Thursday, 10 March 2016

Matte Lip Lacquers

Ok so when I first heard about these I had to get my hands on them I love a matte lips. I saw a few hauls on youtube with people buying them so I went to Superdrug and picked up a few of my own. If you don't know what lip lacquers are then this is what you need to know, they are a type of lip gloss that dries matte on your lips which makes applying matte colour a whole lot easier and means your more able to be precise when applying it.

So far I have only gone for two brands MUA and Makeup Revoultion, these are both affordable and in my opinion great products. They both sell their matte lacquers at £3 each which is amazing value for what you get.

I think I prefer the packaging on the MUA products with the gold lid and the glass looking packaging as it makes the whole product look more high-end.

When buying these I went for more of the pink shades as I felt like as its coming into spring it can help me transition into the season. (Plus a lot of the other shades where sold out.)

From my experience with these lacquers I have found that you don't need to put much onto the lips only a tiny dab will do. This was my first mistake I kept layering it on top of each other and it ended up looking awful, But on second attempt with less product it looked a whole lot better.

I found with these lacquers they have are more long lasting than normal lipsticks, which is amazing and means less topping up to do. 

As I clearly am in love with these lip lacquers I cant wait to buy more colours (when they are replenished into stock). I for sure need more in my life.

All my opinions are my own and was not sponsored in any way.

Thursday, 3 March 2016

L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Review

Hi everyone so recently i bought the Elvive Clay Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Masque as i had to see for myself what the hype was all about! So i thought i would buy it for myself, give it a try and let you know about it in a blog post and here we are... It claims to help with oily roots and dry ends which is exactly what i had. I hate having oily roots and I get really bad dry ends from where i have dyed my hair, so this product just shouts my name. The current price for these product is on special offer in boots for £10 


First off we will start with the mask, this is a pre shampoo treatment which was a strange process to me. It recommends to be applied directly onto roots onto dry hair for a least 5mins. I found this hard to massage in due to my hair being dry. The Clay mask itself was pale blue, bouncing and creamy in texture. Washing this out was a an easy process.

I felt like i didn't have to use much of the shampoo and conditioner as it went a along way which is great! The shampoo foamed up nicely and conditioner spreads throughout my hair evenly. There was not much of a smell but still a great product.

All together i really enjoyed using this product my hair felt lovely and soft, i also noticed my hair has lasted longer with out a wash which is also a bonus so i guess it has re-balanced the natural oils in my hair to last longer without a wash. I would defiantly recommended this product. I am replacing all my shampoos and conditioners with this amazing product!

Thanks for reading this post let me know what you think of this product down in the comments below.

All my opinions are my own and was not sponsored in any way.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

February Birchbox 2016

This months Birchbox theme is adding sparkle into everyday life. First off i am in love with the box the products came in this month its sooo cute and i just love the design, unfortunately my box got slightly damaged in the post, the corner of the box got a little crushed which is such a shame as its a lovely box.

Ayres Body Butter in Patagonia  - £19.50
This products smells gorgeous and you get a strong scent of lavender. It feels very luxurious after use. The body butter made my skin feel very smooth and soft to touch and smelt lovely.

Spectrum Collection Tapered Powder brush - £7.99
First off the colour of this makeup brush is soo pretty i love the colour change and ombre affect very unique. It just looks so nice in my pot of makeup brushes. The brush itself is super soft and felt lovely to use. I used it for blush and contour as it allowed me to have control and not to over do it on the colour and be more defined when applying the makeup. i would say this is a very good quality brush to use. 

Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Collagen Booster - £47
The first thing that hit me about this product is the smell as soon as you open it can you smell the fruitiness of the product. The product felt very nice to use, i just wasn't too sure about the scent it was a tad to strong for my liking. 

L.Erickson Grab & Go Ponytail Holder - £11.50 for a Set of 15
This particular product i received i wasn't very happy with at all. First of all it is red and i would never were a red hair band i really wish they scent me another colour like black blue or brown i would more likely use it then. I felt like it was just a normal hairband i didn't find anything special about it and i would never spend £11.50 for 15 of them when i can just spend a £1 in Primark.

TheBalm Cosmetic Blush/Shadow - £15.50
The size of this product was shocking even for a sample it was soo small. On the other hand i did really like the pink/coral colour of it. It says on the packaging that you can use it for either blush or eyeshadow but i think i would only use it for blush as i don't think i would use a pink colour on my eye. I also found it was very pigmented which is always a plus. Due to the size of the product i would probably use this when i travel as it would fit nicely into my makeup bag.

LOC One and Done Shadow Stick in Champagne - £8
Before receiving this product we got to choose between two colours Champagne Problems or Perfect Cents. This was my favourite product out of the whole box the colour is absolutely beautiful and i just fell in love. I will be getting a lot of use out of this product as the colour just pops and really stands out. 

If you like monthly beauty boxes check out my youtube channel for a Glossybox opening/Review each month.

Friday, 12 February 2016

Lush - Intergalactic Review

Hello My Lovlies...

Today i have for you a Lush product review! I thought to myself that i use enough of these product so maybe i should share my thoughts on the ones i use. So my first review is on the Lush Bath bomb Intergalactic.

This bath bomb is made up of
-peppermint oil
-grapefruit oil
-popping candy

(Just a few of the main ingredients)

The bath bomb is in the shape of a sphere so nothing too out there but the colours they use are very pretty, a blue shimmer colour with a pink/yellow center that cracks through the middle.

Now onto what its like in the bath. I ran myself a hot bath with no other products used. I popped the bath bomb in and straight away it disburse with colours shooting out of either ends. The dark blue quickly clouding the clear bath and with closer inspection you can see the gold specks of glitter. Small of amounts of yellow and pink come out of the dissolving bomb and creates swirls of colours in the bath.

Just before i jump into the bath i normally put my music on but i could hear the sound of popping which i guessing is the popping candy they add to the fizz ball.

Because the colour of the bath was so intense i was reluctant to get in but i knew nothing would come of this and i jumped in! It was very relaxing to watch the bomb dissolve into my bath and felt very therapeutic.

When the bath bomb finally dissolve the water was left in a dark blue with gold shimmer that didn't settle in one place and was beautiful to watch the movement of gold shimmer.

The bath reminded me of the stars in the night sky, with contrast of sparkles and dark blue colours.

With lush and glitter i have never been a fan of the aftermath because i hate becoming a glittery mess but with this bath bomb the glitter didn't settle on the skin and when i was fully dry i only hand a slight shimmer, which i was very happy about :D

These photos do not do this bath bomb justice how pretty it was. 

This has be my favourite lush product so far as it was a very relaxing and therapeutic and i would defiantly recommend this everyone i know.

Thanks for reading my blog just so you know all these opinions are my own and was not sponsored in any way.

Friday, 5 February 2016

My Winter Saviour - Lip Scrubs

Last Year for an early Christmas present i received the the lush lip scrub in popcorn flavour i got this at the beginning of December as i desperately needed it, as my lips were so rough and need a good scrub to get rid of the dead skin. I had my eye on this one for a while and my mum kindly offered to buy it for me as an early christmas present so i could use it straight away.

I chose the popcorn floured one as i honestly not to keen on the other scents. 

Lush Lip Scrub Scents,
Mint Julips

During the winter season i wear more darker lip colours and during this time  the colder months have an affect on my lips as do most people and having rough lips doesn't give the lipstick colour justice so using this lip scrub has been my winter saviour.

At the price of £5.50 its a little bit over priced for the size you get but so far it has gone a long way and lasted a while so i feel it has been worth it.

Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub - https://uk.lush.com/products/popcorn

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

My First Birchbox - January

So finally after going back and forth from deciding to order a Birchbox or not, i finally did it and i order a 3 month subscription to the month beauty box. 

Each month upon receiving my box i'm going to do a post on my blog of what i got.

Januarys Birchbox was partnered with Pinterest and had a funky design on the front on the box. So for my first Birchbox i was really happy with what i received and i was really excited to get stuck in.

Items received- 
Benefit Eyelash Primer
Eyeko Fat Liner
Absolution L'Eau Soir et Matin
Beauty Protector Detangling Spray
Rituals Foaming Shower Gel
Pocket Mirror

My favourite item i think is that the Benefit Eyelash Primer, I already love Benefit so to receive a Benefit tester was amazing and this primer does wonders i use it before. I apply my Benefit they're real mascara and it gives my eyelashes a bit more length and volume. This primer is also great to wear on its own for more a natural look as it is brown in colour.

The other item i have tried is the Eyeko eyeliner, i'm not one for changing my eyeliner and trying different ones as i'm happy with my Collections liquid eyeliner but i thought i would give it ago and soo far i am really happy with the results, it gives a great end look and glides on really nicely. i'm still not sure how long a felt tip eyeliner is going to last because in my experience they dry out quite quickly but we shall see all in good time.

I also received some pretty Pinterest inspired postcards which i don't know what to do with yet but i'm sure ill find somewhere to put them up.

 I also really love the pocket mirror with the hashtag no filter writing on, it fits nicely into my small bag and looks super cute :D

For the other items i have yet to try but they all look great and i will hopefully get round to trying them soon.

I am really glad i paid for a subscription to Birchbox as i love to try the new products each month and cant wait for Februarys box to arrive.

On a side note i will be hopefully posting my Birchbox subscription each month on my blog and my Glossy Box Opening/Review on my youtube channel just so i can do something different with each beauty box.

♥ Birchbox website - https://www.birchbox.co.uk/?gclid=Cj0KEQiA5oy1BRDQh6Wd572hsfkBEiQAfdTPCt2bg0UIdpdFYKL6PwwTHQlG_dJXG_rWTQYny96YmVQaAlnZ8P8HAQ

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